Below are two tables showing the two problem classes that prevent cross compilation on the dependency level. This example tries to satisfy the crossbuild dependencies of all source packages on amd64 as the build architecture for a dummy architecture generated from amd64 (called armhf here) as the host architecture in current Debian sid.

A machine parsable version can be retrieved in dose yaml format

Bugs are associated with packages on this page if they carry the usertag "cross-satisfiability" of the user "".

You can get an overview of all bugs tagged like that in the Debian bts

Hover over a package name with your cursor for architecture and version information. Hovering over the arrows in the depchain columns will show the dependency that led from one package in the chain to the next.

src:dnsproxy (O: #876201)

Top 10 summary

The following is a summary of the full "missing" and "conflict" tables below. It only shows the first and last columns of the full tables and only displays the top 10 rows.


# of packages per missingUnsatisfied dependency
294bsdextrautils:amd64 (>= 2.35.2-7)


The packages in the third column cannot satisfy their (possibly transitive) dependencies because of the unsatisfied dependency in the last column. This is mostly because the binary package providing the dependency in the last column is Multi-Arch:no. Some of these packages need to be Multi-Arch:foreign instead. In some other cases, Build-Depends can be annotated with :native. The depchains column shows the dependency chain(s) from the packages in the third column to the unsatisfied dependency in the last column. The "(*)" placeholder in the depchains column represents any package in the third column. Hovering over the arrows in the depchains column with your cursor will show the dependency that led from one package in the chain to the next.

The output is first grouped by the shared unsatisfied dependency (last column) and then by shared dependency chain (fourth column). The groups are sorted by the number of packages missing the dependency in the last column. Within each group, the output is sorted by the number of packages sharing the same dependency chain.

# of packages per missing# of packages per depchainpackages with missing (possibly transitive) dependenciesDepchainsUnsatisfied dependency
294 294src:am-utils src:appindicator3-sharp src:aranym src:armadillo src:asmix src:ax25mail-utils src:aylet (O: #756105) src:bcpp src:bidentd src:binutils src:binutils-djgpp src:binutils-mingw-w64 src:binutils-riscv64-unknown-elf src:bird src:bird2 src:bitshuffle src:boolstuff src:byacc-j src:cairo-dock src:caja src:certmonger src:chntpw src:cjk src:cmt src:concalc src:cpufreqd (ITA: #933160) src:curl src:cwiid (O: #810992) src:cyrus-sasl2 (RFH: #799864) src:dateutils src:desmume src:dhcp-probe src:ding-libs src:dirdiff src:dnshistory src:dnsproxy (O: #876201) src:docker src:doscan src:dozzaqueux src:dracut src:dv4l src:dvdauthor src:dvgrab src:dvhtool src:e2guardian src:eccodes src:efte (O: #632998) src:enigma (ITA: #902855) src:enki-aseba src:expeyes src:ez-ipupdate src:fbpager (O: #845985) src:festival src:fish src:freeradius (RFH: #933376) src:gcc-10 src:gcc-10-cross src:gcc-10-cross-mipsen src:gcc-10-cross-ports src:gcc-8 (RM: #954831) src:gcc-9 src:gcc-9-cross src:gcc-9-cross-mipsen src:gcc-9-cross-ports src:gcc-riscv64-unknown-elf src:gcc-snapshot src:geki3 src:gimp-plugin-registry src:glibc (669188) src:glslang src:glw src:gmult src:gnucobol src:gpsim src:gputils src:gramophone2 src:grep src:groundhog src:gss-ntlmssp src:gtk+2.0 src:gtkguitune src:gtkhotkey src:gtkmathview (RFA: #797509) src:gtkperf (RFA: #848546) src:gtkpool src:guifications src:guymager src:hannah src:hawknl src:hmat-oss src:homebank src:hoz src:inn src:intel-cmt-cat src:intel-gpu-tools src:ipv6calc src:jss src:judy src:kanjipad src:labrea src:libapache-mod-auth-kerb src:libapache2-mod-auth-plain (O: #756106) src:libapache2-mod-lisp (O: #829682) src:libapache2-mod-ruid2 (O: #908754) src:libapache2-mod-watchcat (O: #960549) src:libatomic-ops src:libbrahe (O: #959120) src:libcds src:libcmrt src:libdbusmenu src:libdrm src:libice src:libid3tag src:libimage-imlib2-perl src:libinnodb src:libjwt src:liblouis src:libmad src:libmozilla-ldap-perl src:liboggplay src:libpam-encfs src:libsm src:libsoil src:libvc src:libview (O: #674884) src:libwildmagic src:libx11 src:libxau src:libxaw src:libxcursor src:libxdamage src:libxdmcp src:libxfixes src:libxfont src:libxi src:libxkbcommon src:libxmu src:libxpm src:libxpresent src:libxrandr src:libxres src:libxshmfence src:libxss src:libxt src:libxtst src:libxv src:libxvmc src:libxxf86dga src:libxxf86vm src:linux src:lnpd src:logapp src:lwipv6 src:madlib (O: #835024) src:mate-system-monitor src:mate-user-share src:mgt src:mingw-ocaml src:mlton src:monotone-viz src:mpb src:mpdcron src:mpich src:mtdev src:mydumper src:mysqltcl src:netdiag src:netpbm-free src:nfs-ganesha src:nginx src:nrg2iso src:nss-pem src:numdiff src:ocaml-magic src:oce src:ogmtools src:openjdk-8 src:openoverlayrouter src:openturns src:openzwave src:optgeo src:otf2bdf src:owfs src:pakcs src:pal src:pandas src:partclone src:pavucontrol src:paxtest src:pchar src:pgocaml src:pigz src:pink-pony src:pixbros src:pixman src:plib (O: #674886) src:plume-creator src:pslib src:psychtoolbox-3 src:pxlib src:python-caja src:python-pytc src:python2.7 src:python3.8 src:qnapi src:quickfix src:raptor2 src:rasdaemon src:renaissance src:ruby-gsl src:s390-tools src:saytime src:scim-pinyin src:scotch src:sendmail (O: #740070) src:sentencepiece src:shadow src:simutrans src:sjeng src:slsqlite (O: #748265) src:smbnetfs src:smstools src:spacearyarya src:sssd src:structure-synth src:suck src:swfmill src:tcsh src:tigervnc src:tnef src:togl src:tor src:tpm-tools src:twm src:unicorn src:user-mode-linux src:ustr src:vamps (O: #847512) src:vde2 src:vdetelweb src:vilistextum (RFA: #826464) src:vym src:wayland src:weston src:wims src:wine src:wine-development src:wmcpu src:wmdate src:wmmatrix src:x11-apps src:x11-session-utils src:x11-utils src:x11-xkb-utils src:x11-xserver-utils (695086) src:xauth src:xdesktopwaves src:xdm src:xfonts-utils src:xft src:xinit src:xmlcopyeditor src:xmlindent src:xorg-server src:xotcl src:xppaut src:xscreensaver src:xserver-xorg-input-evdev src:xserver-xorg-input-joystick src:xserver-xorg-input-keyboard src:xserver-xorg-input-libinput (939634) src:xserver-xorg-input-mouse src:xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (903550) src:xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu src:xserver-xorg-video-ati src:xserver-xorg-video-cirrus src:xserver-xorg-video-dummy src:xserver-xorg-video-fbdev src:xserver-xorg-video-geode src:xserver-xorg-video-glide src:xserver-xorg-video-intel src:xserver-xorg-video-mga src:xserver-xorg-video-openchrome src:xserver-xorg-video-vesa src:xserver-xorg-video-vmware src:xsettings-kde src:xutils-dev src:yasr src:yorick src:yrmcds src:zpspell(*)quiltbsdmainutils bsdextrautils:amd64 (>= 2.35.2-7)

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