Below are two tables showing the two problem classes that prevent cross compilation on the dependency level. This example tries to satisfy the crossbuild dependencies of all source packages on amd64 as the build architecture for a dummy architecture generated from amd64 (called armhf here) as the host architecture in current Debian sid.

A machine parsable version can be retrieved in dose yaml format

Bugs are associated with packages on this page if they carry the usertag "cross-satisfiability" of the user "".

You can get an overview of all bugs tagged like that in the Debian bts

Hover over a package name with your cursor for architecture and version information. Hovering over the arrows in the depchain columns will show the dependency that led from one package in the chain to the next.


Top 10 summary

The following is a summary of the full "missing" and "conflict" tables below. It only shows the first and last columns of the full tables and only displays the top 10 rows.


# of packages per missingUnsatisfied dependency


The packages in the third column cannot satisfy their (possibly transitive) dependencies because of the unsatisfied dependency in the last column. This is mostly because the binary package providing the dependency in the last column is Multi-Arch:no. Some of these packages need to be Multi-Arch:foreign instead. In some other cases, Build-Depends can be annotated with :native. The depchains column shows the dependency chain(s) from the packages in the third column to the unsatisfied dependency in the last column. The "(*)" placeholder in the depchains column represents any package in the third column. Hovering over the arrows in the depchains column with your cursor will show the dependency that led from one package in the chain to the next.

The output is first grouped by the shared unsatisfied dependency (last column) and then by shared dependency chain (fourth column). The groups are sorted by the number of packages missing the dependency in the last column. Within each group, the output is sorted by the number of packages sharing the same dependency chain.

# of packages per missing# of packages per depchainpackages with missing (possibly transitive) dependenciesDepchainsUnsatisfied dependency
226 226src:abpoa src:astropy src:astropy-regions src:astroscrappy src:azure-uamqp-python src:basemap src:bioxtasraw src:bitshuffle src:blueman src:borgbackup src:borgbackup2 src:brian src:brltty src:capstone src:ceph src:cftime src:compizconfig-python src:conda-package-handling src:cvc5 src:cyarray src:dbus-fast src:dioptas src:dipy src:epigrass src:extinction src:fast5 src:fastdtw src:fenics-basix src:fpylll src:freeart src:freesas src:frozenlist src:gammapy src:gensim src:gpyfft src:grpc src:gudhi src:guiqwt src:harvest-tools src:healpy src:htseq src:imexam src:invesalius src:jack-mixer src:khmer src:kivy src:libedlib src:libslow5lib src:logbook src:lxml src:macs src:manimpango src:mayavi2 src:mdanalysis src:memory-allocator src:minimap2 src:mlpack src:mlpy src:montage src:mpi4py src:music src:netcdf4-python src:neuron src:nipy src:numcodecs src:numpy-stl src:opendht src:opendrop src:openems src:openmm src:opentsne src:orange3 (ITP: #911106) src:pairtools src:paq src:parsnp src:peewee src:pglast src:photutils src:plyvel src:pmix src:pplpy src:primecountpy src:printrun src:psd-tools src:py-stringmatching src:py-ubjson src:pybik src:pybj src:pycangjie src:pyclipper src:pycorrfit src:pydevd src:pyemd src:pyepr src:pyfai src:pyfftw src:pyfuse3 src:pygame src:pygame-sdl2 src:pygrib src:pykdtree src:pyliblo src:pymatgen src:pymca src:pynfft src:pyode src:pyreadstat src:pyregion src:pyresample src:pyrle src:pyscanfcs src:pysph src:pystemd src:pystemmer src:pytables src:pytaglib src:python-acora src:python-aiohttp src:python-alignlib src:python-av src:python-biom-format src:python-bx src:python-cartopy src:python-cassandra-driver src:python-clickhouse-driver src:python-cobra src:python-cogent src:python-cwcwidth src:python-cykhash src:python-cymem src:python-cython-blis src:python-cytoolz src:python-datrie src:python-dnaio src:python-enet src:python-fabio src:python-falcon src:python-fastbencode src:python-fastparquet src:python-fisx src:python-freesasa src:python-geotiepoints src:python-gevent src:python-grpc-tools src:python-gsd src:python-gssapi src:python-hdmedians src:python-hidapi src:python-http-parser src:python-httptools src:python-hug src:python-intbitset src:python-iow src:python-keyutils src:python-libdiscid src:python-line-profiler src:python-llfuse src:python-ltfatpy src:python-lupa src:python-memprof src:python-msgpack src:python-multidict src:python-murmurhash src:python-ncls src:python-openstep-plist src:python-pcre2 src:python-pkcs11 src:python-pot src:python-preshed src:python-pybedtools src:python-pyproj src:python-pysam src:python-pyvcf src:python-questplus src:python-reedsolo src:python-rocksdb src:python-rtmidi src:python-shapely src:python-sqt src:python-srsly src:python-suitesparse-graphblas src:python-tesserocr src:python-thinc src:python-thriftpy src:python-tinyalign src:python-tinycss src:python-vispy src:python-wheezy.template src:python-wordcloud src:python-wsaccel src:pywavelets src:pyxdameraulevenshtein src:pyzmq src:pyzoltan src:qiskit-aer (RFH: #1008626) src:rasterio src:rdma-core src:refnx src:renpy src:reproject src:ruamel.yaml.clib src:rust-cbindgen src:s3ql src:scalene src:scikit-fmm src:scikit-learn src:scikit-misc src:sep src:sfepy src:silx src:slepc4py src:slixmpp src:sncosmo src:sorted-nearest src:specutils src:termbox src:tiddit src:tombo src:trollimage src:umis src:unifrac src:xraylib src:xrstools src:yarl src:yt src:zfp(*)cython3 python3-zombie-imp:armhf

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