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Source Graph

The source graph only contains source package vertices and is therefore the natural choice for calculating a build order. But it is also the graph type that can be used to identify strong dependency relationships between source packages. It can therefore be used to identify strong cycles which cannot be broken by choosing a different installation set. The smallest possible cycle is the self-cycle of a source package with itself.

amount of vertices: 10344

amount of edges: 369277

Type 1 Self-Cycles

A source package directly Build-Depends on a binary package it itself builds

first last per page (12 rows in total)
source package strongly depends on because of the source package build depending on
src:gnat-4.9gnat-4.9, gnat-4.9-base, libgnat-4.9, libgnatprj4.9, libgnatvsn4.9gnat, gnat-4.9
src:fpcfp-compiler-2.6.4, fp-units-base-2.6.4, fp-units-fcl-2.6.4, fp-units-rtl-2.6.4, fp-utils-2.6.4fp-compiler, fp-compiler-2.6.4, fp-units-base, fp-units-base-2.6.4, fp-units-fcl, fp-units-fcl-2.6.4, fp-utils, fp-utils-2.6.4
src:python3-defaultslibpython3-stdlib, python3, python3-minimallsb-release, python3-docutils, python3-minimal
src:python-defaultslibpython-stdlib, python, python-all, python-minimalpython-all
src:mltonmlton-compiler, mlton-runtime-x86-64-linux-gnu, mlton-toolsmlton

Type 2 Self-Cycles

A source indirectly strongly Build-Depends on a binary package it itself builds through one of its direct build dependencies.

first last per page (27 rows in total)
source package strongly depends on because of the source package build depending on
src:librsvglibrsvg2-2, librsvg2-commonlibgtk-3-dev
src:gtk+3.0libgtk-3-0, libgtk-3-binadwaita-icon-theme
src:gobject-introspectiongir1.2-glib-2.0, libgirepository-1.0-1gnome-pkg-tools
src:x264libx264-146libavformat-dev, libffms2-dev
src:ffmpeglibavcodec-dev, libavformat-dev, libavformat-ffmpeg56, libavutil-dev, libavutil-ffmpeg54, libswresample-dev, libswresample-ffmpeg1, libswscale-dev, libswscale-ffmpeg3libopencv-dev
src:subunitlibsubunit-dev, libsubunit0check
src:ecjecj, ecj-gcj, libecj-java-gcjgcj-5-jdk
src:cyrus-sasl2libsasl2-2, libsasl2-modules-dbheimdal-multidev, libldap2-dev, libpq-dev
src:cups-filterslibcupsfilters-dev, libcupsfilters1ghostscript, libcupsimage2-dev
src:cupslibcups2, libcupsimage2cups-filters, ghostscript, libcupsfilters-dev
src:python3.4libpython3.4-minimal, libpython3.4-stdlib, python3.4, python3.4-minimallsb-release, python3
src:python2.7libpython2.7-minimal, libpython2.7-stdlib, python2.7, python2.7-minimalpython
src:avahilibavahi-client3, libavahi-common-data, libavahi-common3libgtk-3-dev, libgtk2.0-dev, python-gtk2
src:menu-cachelibmenu-cache-bin, libmenu-cache3libfm-dev

Type 3 Self-Cycles

Not-strong self-cycles which can probably be solved by choosing a different installationset

first last per page (2 rows in total)
source package in non-strong cycle with
src:ruby2.1libruby2.1, ruby2.1
src:openjdk-8openjdk-8-jdk, openjdk-8-jre, openjdk-8-jre-headless

Build Graph

The build graph is most important for finding build dependencies to remove to make the graph acyclic.

If you use JavaScript, then by default only statistics of the biggest strongly connected component will be displayed to avoid clutter. You can activate or deactivate the displaying of statistics for individual strongly components by using the respective checkboxes in the "Toggle SCCs" menu on the top.

Just as you can make a selection of the strongly connected components you want statistics to be displayed for, you can also make a selection of displayed statistic types in the "Toggle Stats" menu on the top.

amount of vertices: 19578

amount of edges: 274722

SCC #1
amount of vertices1089
amount of edges10097
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets1089
SCC #2
amount of vertices6
amount of edges10
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets6
SCC #3
amount of vertices5
amount of edges8
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets5
SCC #4
amount of vertices4
amount of edges6
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets4
SCC #5
amount of vertices4
amount of edges4
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets4
SCC #6
amount of vertices4
amount of edges4
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets4
SCC #7
amount of vertices4
amount of edges4
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets4
SCC #8
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #9
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #10
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #11
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #12
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #13
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #14
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #15
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #16
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #17
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2
SCC #18
amount of vertices2
amount of edges2
amount of sources0
amount of installation sets2

Amount of Cycles through Edges

After enumerating all cycles in the graph up to a certain maximum length, the first column indicates the amount of cycles that the edge in the second column is part of. Removing an edge with many cycles through it, immediately breaks all those cycles.

SCC #1

first last per page (518 rows in total)
Amount Edge
135src:avahi libgtk-3-dev
120src:openjpeg default-jdk
116src:libxcb python
108src:shared-mime-info docbook-utils
98src:python2.7 xvfb
94src:libproxy libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev
91src:cups cups-filters
91src:pygobject gir1.2-gtk-3.0
90src:libproxy kdelibs5-dev
86src:gpm texlive-base
86src:avahi python-gtk2
77src:avahi libgtk2.0-dev
66src:cups-filters librsvg2-bin
55src:gobject-introspection gnome-pkg-tools
53src:cups ghostscript
45src:mpdecimal python-sphinx
43src:colord docbook-utils
41src:librsvg libgtk-3-dev
41src:gtk+2.0 docbook-utils
40src:cups libcupsfilters-dev
34src:gtk+3.0 adwaita-icon-theme
34src:python2.7 gcc-4.9
31src:cups poppler-utils
30src:cups-filters ghostscript
28src:ghostscript libcupsimage2-dev
28src:cmake qtbase5-dev
27src:expat docbook-to-man
26src:dbus libapparmor-dev
26src:dbus python-gobject
26src:opensp jadetex
26src:python2.7 blt-dev
26src:libx11 w3m
24src:libxdmcp w3m
23src:apparmor texlive-latex-recommended
23src:python2.7 tk-dev
23src:swig default-jdk
23src:libidn gcj-jdk
22src:cups-filters libcups2-dev
22src:libsoup2.4 glib-networking
22src:glib-networking libproxy-dev
22src:libproxy libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-dev
21src:cups-filters libcupsimage2-dev
21src:ghostscript libcups2-dev
21src:atlas texlive-latex-base
21src:gst-plugins-base1.0 libgtk-3-dev
20src:poppler qtbase5-dev
20src:w3m libimlib2-dev
19src:python3.4 xvfb
18src:webkitgtk gir1.2-gtk-3.0
18src:apparmor texlive-latex-base
18src:python-defaults python2.7
18src:gcc-4.9 libgtk2.0-dev
18src:qtchooser qtbase5-dev
17src:cups-filters libavahi-client-dev
17src:cups-filters libavahi-glib-dev
17src:cups-filters libavahi-common-dev
17src:librest libsoup-gnome2.4-dev
16src:gtk+3.0 librest-dev
16src:librest libsoup2.4-dev
16src:ffmpeg libopencv-dev
16src:libxext w3m
15src:x264 libffms2-dev
14src:cyrus-sasl2 libpq-dev
14src:markupsafe python3-all-dbg
14src:markupsafe python3-all-dev
14src:pulseaudio libgtk-3-dev
14src:python-defaults python-all
14src:redhat-cluster libvirt-dev
13src:qt4-x11 libgtk2.0-dev
13src:libbluray default-jdk
13src:python2.7 xauth
13src:libxt libglib2.0-dev
12src:python3.4 python3
12src:atlas ghostscript
12src:mesa python-mako
12src:python2.7 lsb-release
12src:avahi libqt4-dev
11src:ffmpeg libx264-dev
11src:libxcb python-xcbgen
11src:krb5 libldap2-dev
10src:webkitgtk geoclue-2.0
10src:pkg-config libglib2.0-dev
10src:colord libsane-dev
10src:mesa python-mako
10src:python-defaults lsb-release
10src:python2.7 libbluetooth-dev
10src:openldap heimdal-multidev
9src:texlive-bin libgs-dev
9src:python3-defaults python3-docutils
9src:python3.4 lsb-release
9src:markupsafe python3-setuptools
9src:tiff libxmu-dev
9src:libsm w3m
9src:libxext libx11-dev
9src:openldap libsasl2-dev
8src:poppler libqt4-dev
8src:python3-defaults python3.4
8src:python2.7 libgpm2
8src:graphite2 cmake
8src:graphite2 fonttools
8src:java-atk-wrapper default-jdk
7src:lvm2 libcman-dev
7src:lvm2 libdlm-dev
7src:gtk+3.0 dbus-x11
7src:libsoup2.4 gnome-pkg-tools
7src:tiff libxi-dev
7src:tiff freeglut3-dev
7src:highlight swig
7src:x264 libffms2-dev
7src:mysql-5.6 cmake
7src:w3m libgpm-dev
7src:doxygen libqt4-dev
7src:bluez libdbus-glib-1-dev
6src:webkitgtk libsoup2.4-dev
6src:webkitgtk gir1.2-soup-2.4
6src:cups-filters poppler-utils
6src:cyrus-sasl2 libmysqlclient-dev
6src:libcap-ng swig
6src:freetype libx11-dev
6src:ffmpeg frei0r-plugins-dev
6src:mesa python
6src:frei0r libopencv-dev
6src:libxi w3m
6src:d-conf gnome-pkg-tools
6src:xorg-server lsb-release
6src:cups libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev
6src:harfbuzz libgirepository1.0-dev
6src:java-atk-wrapper libgtk-3-dev
6src:libxaw libxmu-dev
5src:ghostscript libopenjpeg-dev
5src:poppler libopenjpeg-dev
5src:pygobject-2 dbus-x11
5src:python3-defaults lsb-release
5src:python3-defaults python3.5-minimal
5src:python3.4 libmpdec-dev
5src:gtk+3.0 libcups2-dev
5src:python3.5 xvfb
5src:dbus python-dbus
5src:dbus doxygen
5src:opensp poppler-utils
5src:x264 libgpac-dev
5src:gcc-4.9 libcairo2-dev
5src:libxi asciidoc
5src:libfontenc xfonts-utils
5src:cups libavahi-common-dev
5src:pygobject at-spi2-core
5src:libproxy libqt4-dev
5src:gnutls28 libidn11-dev
4src:openjpeg libcurl4-openssl-dev
4src:pygobject-2 gnome-pkg-tools
4src:cyrus-sasl2 heimdal-multidev
4src:python3-defaults python3-minimal
4src:libxss libxext-dev
4src:libjpeg-turbo nasm
4src:links2 librsvg2-dev
4src:qt4-x11 libcups2-dev
4src:markupsafe python-all-dev
4src:markupsafe python-setuptools
4src:json-glib gnome-pkg-tools
4src:apparmor swig
4src:python3.5 lsb-release
4src:python3.5 python3
4src:nasm ghostscript
4src:tk8.6 libxss-dev
4src:tk8.6 libxt-dev
4src:phonon qtbase5-dev
4src:libjsoncpp doxygen
4src:mesa llvm-3.7-dev
4src:x264 libavformat-dev
4src:atk1.0 gnome-pkg-tools
4src:cups libavahi-client-dev
4src:gdk-pixbuf shared-mime-info
4src:java-atk-wrapper libgtk2.0-dev
4src:openjdk-7 gcj-jdk
4src:openjdk-7 libgtk2.0-dev
4src:openjdk-7 mauve
4src:wayland graphviz
4src:heimdal libldap2-dev
4src:libxmu w3m
3src:texlive-bin libpoppler-private-dev
3src:openjpeg cmake
3src:cyrus-sasl2 krb5-multidev
3src:cyrus-sasl2 libldap2-dev
3src:cyrus-sasl2 libkrb5-dev
3src:network-manager libsoup2.4-dev
3src:python3-defaults python3.4-minimal
3src:llvm-toolchain-3.7 swig
3src:graphviz libgnomeui-dev
3src:sane-backends texlive
3src:at-spi2-core dbus
3src:gtk+3.0 libcolord-dev
3src:libsoup2.4 dbus
3src:libsoup2.4 dbus-x11
3src:librsvg libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev
3src:tiff libglu1-mesa-dev
3src:mesa python
3src:dbus python
3src:dbus libglib2.0-dev
3src:libjsoncpp cmake
3src:opencv libavformat-dev
3src:opencv libavcodec-dev
3src:pulseaudio libgconf2-dev
3src:postgresql-9.4 libldap2-dev
3src:python2.7 python
3src:gcc-4.9 python
3src:gcc-4.9 libxtst-dev
3src:gpac libavdevice-dev
3src:ffms2 libavformat-dev
3src:ffms2 libavcodec-dev
3src:xorg-server libegl1-mesa-dev
3src:xorg-server libdbus-1-dev
3src:cairo libglib2.0-dev
3src:gdk-pixbuf gnome-pkg-tools
3src:gtk+2.0 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev
3src:pygobject dbus-x11
3src:bluez libglib2.0-dev
3src:libproxy network-manager-dev
3src:libproxy cmake
3src:qtbase-opensource-src libproxy-dev
3src:imlib2 libxext-dev
3src:ecj gcj-5-jdk
3src:libdbusmenu-qt qtbase5-dev
3src:qca2 qtbase5-dev
3src:libxaw libxpm-dev
3src:libxmu libxext-dev
3src:libxt pkg-config
3src:libxt libx11-dev
2src:webkitgtk libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev
2src:poppler libglib2.0-dev
2src:dbus-python libdbus-glib-1-dev
2src:pygtk libglade2-dev
2src:pygtk python-numpy-dbg
2src:libxss libx11-dev
2src:subunit check
2src:llvm-toolchain-3.7 lsb-release
2src:xfonts-utils libxfont-dev
2src:links2 libsdl1.2-dev
2src:xft libxrender-dev
2src:xft libx11-dev
2src:libvirt libdevmapper-dev
2src:libvirt parted
2src:libvirt libparted0-dev
2src:libvirt lvm2
2src:libvirt nfs-common
2src:libvirt policykit-1
2src:markupsafe python-all-dbg
2src:sane-backends texlive-latex-extra
2src:at-spi2-core gobject-introspection
2src:at-spi2-core libgirepository1.0-dev
2src:gtk+3.0 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev
2src:glib-networking gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev
2src:dbus-glib libdbus-1-dev
2src:librsvg libgsf-1-dev
2src:openjade libosp-dev
2src:python3.5 libmpdec-dev
2src:python-numpy cython
2src:mesa libclang-3.5-dev
2src:mesa llvm-3.5-dev
2src:mesa libxdamage-dev
2src:tk8.6 libxext-dev
2src:tk8.6 libxft-dev
2src:tk8.6 libx11-dev
2src:opensp openjade
2src:opensp docbook-dsssl
2src:geoclue-2.0 libsoup2.4-dev
2src:gstreamer1.0 gnome-pkg-tools
2src:phonon extra-cmake-modules
2src:mesa libclang-3.7-dev
2src:x264 libavformat-dev
2src:x264 libgpac-dev
2src:opencv libswscale-dev
2src:gcc-4.9 systemtap-sdt-dev
2src:gcc-4.9 libxt-dev
2src:libxcb libxdmcp-dev
2src:gpac libswscale-dev
2src:ffms2 libswscale-dev
2src:ffms2 libavresample-dev
2src:ffms2 libavutil-dev
2src:libxi libx11-dev
2src:llvm-toolchain-3.6 libjsoncpp-dev
2src:libxfont libfontenc-dev
2src:xorg-server libgl1-mesa-dev
2src:xorg-server libxi-dev
2src:xorg-server libgbm-dev
2src:xorg-server libxtst-dev
2src:avahi libglib2.0-dev
2src:avahi libdbus-1-dev
2src:avahi python-all-dev
2src:cups libdbus-1-dev
2src:gdk-pixbuf libgirepository1.0-dev
2src:llvm-toolchain-3.5 libjsoncpp-dev
2src:llvm-toolchain-3.5 swig
2src:llvm-toolchain-3.5 lsb-release
2src:graphite2 python
2src:gtk+2.0 libcups2-dev
2src:gtk+2.0 shared-mime-info
2src:harfbuzz libglib2.0-dev
2src:harfbuzz libgraphite2-dev
2src:libproxy gnome-pkg-tools
2src:imlib2 libx11-dev
2src:vala gnome-pkg-tools
2src:krb5 docbook-to-man
2src:kde4libs libstreamanalyzer-dev
2src:xauth cmdtest
2src:libxaw w3m
2src:libxmu libx11-dev
2src:libxmu libxt-dev
2src:libxpm libxext-dev
1src:ruby2.1 ruby2.1
1src:jbig2dec python
1src:lcms2 libjpeg62-turbo-dev
1src:lcms2 libtiff5-dev
1src:zziplib python
1src:dbus-python libdbus-1-dev
1src:pygtk libgtk2.0-dev
1src:pygtk gnome-icon-theme
1src:libxslt python-all-dbg
1src:yajl cmake
1src:pango1.0 libglib2.0-dev
1src:pango1.0 gobject-introspection
1src:pango1.0 libgirepository1.0-dev
1src:pango1.0 libharfbuzz-dev
1src:check libsubunit-dev
1src:xfonts-utils libfontenc-dev